Premium Cigars at Affordable Prices


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Premium Cigars at Affordable Prices


Smoking a Cigar can be very enjoyable and relaxing. An average time spent smoking Cigars is between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the Cigar. For many folks, this time is used to enjoy a peaceful moment away from their every day stress or simply to enjoy a moment of tranquility, or as most of us call it … “alone time”.  On average, a Cigar can range from 100mg – 200mg of nicotine. You’d have to smoke up to 20 cigarettes for the same amount of relaxant.

Smoking Cigars simply tastes good! And, when paired with a Cocktail, it is truly an enjoyable experience. Many people will smoke a Cigar when celebrating an occasion or a personal success, however many will also smoke a Cigar to relax and take a break from their chaotic daily routine. Whatever the reason for smoking a Cigar, the most important factor to decide is where to buy a quality Cigar.

The CigarZilla offers hundreds of Premium Cigars at Affordable Prices from top quality Brands. Our Samplers section allows you to sample different style of Cigars to know which one you love! Want something different and exciting? Sign up for the Cigar of the Month Club. The CigarZilla features a hand-curated selection of FIVE UNIQUE PREMIUM CIGARS, delivered straight to your front door every month. With a healthy range of craft and boutique favorites, as well as the tried-n-true mainstays, you can be assured, our monthly selection is both unique, and affordable!