Casa Fernandez is one of the largest growers of tobacco in Nicaragua. Today’s hot-bed for best of the best, Nicaragua’s black volcanic soils and tropical climate equal the perfect recipe for delicious offerings, and Casa Fernandez has there hand in countless boutique fan favorites hailing from their pristine Nicaraguan farms. The cigar at hand caters to the everyday enthusiast while utilizing Casa Fernandez’s revered, Cuban-esque proprietary tobaccos. Welcome the next backorder headache, New Cuba.

New Cuba is rich and full-flavored, yet still perfectly smooth. A golden-brown Corojo wrapper and a ‘Cuban sandwich’ blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos leads to an enjoyable profile brimming with notes of earth, pepper, nuts, and cocoa. Boasting a complex character and a cool, slow burn, New Cuba will keep you coming back for more, and at these attractive 2-fer prices as low as $1.19 apiece, you’ll be soaking in the spoils for twice as long.